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New Projects for the Underdown!


We are in the process of rerouting a few of the trails on the south end fo the Underdown.  The area by mile marker 10 has always been very wet with some rough terrain.  The Lincoln County Forestry is working with us to put in alternate routes so we can completely bypass this somewhat dangerous area.  So please look for our new maps coming out soon for the most updated trail information. 


The Wisconsin Horse Council has come through yet again and are assisted us with the addition of 3 rest areas along the trails.  Each of the areas has a picnic table and hitching rails for tieing the horses.  We are also added 4 concrete manure pits.  The horse council has provided funding to assist with this project as well.  We are grateful for all of the assistance they have given the club over the years including funding for the shelter, the updates to the well so we can keep the horse water tank filled and the tie lines in the east parking lot to name a few.  

The new shelter has been completed!   


We would like to thank Kevin Kleinschmidt at the Lincoln Country Forestry Department for the generous donation of the concrete for the shelter floor and his crew for clearing the area for the shelter. Thanks also go the Wisconsin Horse Council for their generous financial donation to the project.  


We also need to thank the many members of the club that have worked hard on the sawing of the logs, the assembly of the building, putting the roof on, the stain crew that was absolutely covered with stain by the end of the day and those that worked to install the led lights which make the shelter so useable after dark. Thanks also go out to the local bike club who donated materials for the roof of the shelter.  Thank you all so much for your help, we couldn't have done it without all of you!


The forestry service has allowed us to open one of the trails that has been closed for a long time due to Garlic Mustard.  See info below for Garlic Mustard facts.


The Underdown Horse Club and Lincoln County Forestry needs your help.


The Underdown forest has been invaded.
The culprit the nasty and destructive plant named "Garlic Mustard". Two sections of trail have been detoured and several more patches have been found in the parking lot and campsites. Campsites 3, 10 & 11 have been closed completely and the other areas fenced off for spraying. Please check out the link below and the pictures posted on the Bulletin Board at the trail head to learn how to identify this nasty predator.


If you find any garlic mustard on the trails as you are riding please mark the location and contact the Forestry Department or one of the Horse Club members immediately. If the plants can be found early before they get to the seed producing stage, we can save the Underdown Trails. We need your help to prevent the spread of this stuff.


Garlic Mustard Facts

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